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Granite Worktops Reading – Price & Installation!

Granite worktops reading

Granite Worktops Reading is the top provider of quartz and also granite kitchen worktops based in Reading.

Granite worktops are a very fashionable addition to your kitchen. Granite is neat, handy and very stylish. Granite is an ingenious rock formed when molten volcanic stone cools naturally under high pressure. The resulting stone is hard and very sturdy. In fact, it is second only to diamond when it comes to hardness.

This quality is perhaps the reason why granite is mostly used in worktop areas that need elegance and sturdiness in one. Granite has been used in kitchens, bathrooms, bar tops, fire places, walls etc.

It is no doubt that granite looks elegant and strikingly attractive. The most aesthetically unique nature of granite is the numerous range of natural colours and pattern that can blend in practically any kitchen cabinet and interior.

We have different shades of grey, green, black and blue that you can choose from. Apart from the elegance and physical appearance of granite, some other advantages are;

  • Price: granite is relatively expensive when compared to alternatives. However, granite is known to add value to homes. Second, since the slab lasts for decades, the long run cost of granite is worth the pricing.
  • Quality: when properly installed, granite slabs are resistant to chemicals, scratches stains and are anti-bacterial. This is achieved by installing a sealant after the granite has been polished. Re-sealing should be done every 2-3 years depending on the usage.
  • Appearance: there are dozens of colours and patterns to choose from. If you want to re-do your kitchen, you will have a dozen colours to choose from that will match your existing fixtures.

Granite Worktops In Reading Pricing

It is not a secret, granite does not come cheap. When compared to other countertop materials, granite is fairly more expensive. Nevertheless, we strive to make it as cheap as possible. Several factors come into play when deciding the price of installation of granite worktop.

  • The grade of granite: we have four grades of granite: closeout/clearance, builder’s grade, premium and designer. Clearance granite is pretty basic and thus it is the cheapest. Builders’ grade granite is slight better than clearance grade but it is not as good as closeout. Premium and designer grades are the most expensive. They are often used in custom jobs where slabs are fabricated specifically for the project.
  • The complexity of the installation job: depending on your worktop, the labour costs will be different. The number of corners, seams and the type of edges are some of the factors that determine the labour costs. Curved counters with multiple seams and edges make it difficult to cut and thus are the costliest.
  • The dealer and installer: the cheapest option is inarguably the cheapest option but it doesn’t necessarily make it the best. Professional installers might be expensive to install but it is definitely worth it since it is durable.

At SurfaceCo, we are passionate about providing quality granite worktops at an affordable price without the hassles and bustles that come attached.

For a long lasting and elegant looking granite worktops, why not get in touch today and ask for a price quotation.

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Granite Worktops Croydon – Price & Installation!


Find the best price on Granite worktops in Croydon at SurfaceCo. There are numerous worktop materials offered in the market today. Our customers find it intimidating deciding between the numerous worktop materials available. Granite and quartz are clearly the top alternatives and have been the material of choice for home owners because of different factors.

Granite is an igneous rock that was formed thousands of years ago after liquefied volcanic stones cool down under extreme pressure. It is described as the hardest natural forming material and it is conveniently matched with its task as a kitchen area worktop. Granite worktops are loved for their sturdiness. They are very difficult to scrape or chip. This notwithstanding, granite handles heat impressively. This implies that hot skillets can be put straight into the granite worktops.

In addition to the granite being practical when used in an active cooking setting, granite also looks naturally immaculate.

  • The colour and pattern of each piece of granite varies by the geographical area. Every quarry has a unique looking granite with unique qualities. Some quarries will produce low quality granite while other quarries located at a different location will produce high quality granite.

As a prospective buyer of a granite worktop, you must possess the ability to locate the granite that suits your specific need. If you are not sure of how to do this, you should not be worried. Our business exists because of people like you.

Another reason that will make you want granite to adorn your kitchen is the flexibility.

  • Granite is not only aesthetically appealing for contemporary kitchen designs (its streamlined surface and clean lines have been proven great with minimalist design elements) but it is practical when used in the kitchen, office reception, fireplaces and bar tops.

Regardless of the design of your worktop area, area, granite will certainly add a touch of class and luxury to the area.

Price & Installation Of Granite Worktops in Croydon

If you are looking for new worktops in and around Croydon, we cannot overlook the fact that granite is costly. Yet in this very instance, the aged saying that ‘you get what you pay for comes into play. When properly installed and taken care of, granite surfaces last forever. Installing a granite countertop is an investment that should be seen as enhancing the market value of your home/house.

There are several factors that affect the pricing of granite slabs. Some of the most common reasons are quality, transport and installation and the dealer.

At SurfaceCo, you get to enjoy the most competitive prices without compromising on the quality of the stone and installation.

  • On average, the cost is between £60 and £440 per square metre. This however is not a fixed price and depends by the complexity of your project and more .

At SurfaceCo, we are not limited to kitchens alone. We sell and install granite slabs for commercial spaces like bars and restaurants. We pride our long line of engaging loyal customers since we believe in exceeding customer expectations without the customers breaking their banks. Our confidence in delivering quality services for less is not just words spoken in thin air; we walk the talk. Feel free to contact us at any time, and we promise to not leave you disappointed.

SURFACECO Unit 7A, Nimrod Industrial Estate Nimrod Way Berkshire RG2 0EB
Telephone: 0800 050 2579 (Freephone) 0333 322 0204 (Mobile)
E-mail: Info@surfaceco.uk
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Granite Worktops Slough – Price & Installation!

Granite Worktops Slough

Looking for high quality Granite Worktops in Slough? Granite is perhaps the most beautiful and elegant stone that you can bless your kitchen with. Granite is a natural stone that is mined from the earth’s crust and transported to a cutting facility where they are cut into smaller practical slabs. The small slabs are then polished ready to adorn your home or commercial worktops.

Granite is famously known for its natural beauty. Besides it being aesthetically appealing, granite will bring your property value up by the same amount or more.

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The Difference Between Marble and Quartz Countertops

The Difference Between Marble and Quartz Worktops

Marble and Quartz are all appealing and functional materials for any kitchen and bathroom countertops. They are loved by most home owners since they are durable and add beauty and value to homes. Marble countertops are made entirely from natural stone whereas quartz countertops have partial additives. Both materials have their own unique flecks, grains, veins and colour variations. As much as they share a lot in common, they are unique in their own ways.

Colorful Quartz

Quartz has most of the qualities that are in granite but it is only 90% natural. the 10% is made of resin and dyes to give them the unique colours and pigmentation. Without the natural colours, quartz is somehow dull and unappealing. All the same, the composition of quartz is uniform and hence doesn’t have many natural flecks, grains and veins when compared to marble.

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5 Reasons to Choose Granite for your New Worktops

Why choose Granite Worktops

Granite is inarguably the most common worktop option for kitchens and bathrooms. This popularity has been there for quite some time and has even managed to shake off the beauty and versatility of quartz countertops. We will not be surprised if this popularity grows as new granite options are availed given the modern technology.

If you are asking if granite worktops are they worth the money, among the many reasons that make it stand out, here are the top five that will make you want to have a granite worktops:

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The top 5 Pros and Cons of Marble Countertops

Pros and Cons of Marble Countertops

Marble has been described as the epitome of countertop luxury. On top of this, it is relatively affordable. Nevertheless, not all homes have marble countertops. This means that despite the luxury and affordability, marble has some cons that house owners avoid.

The good

1. Natural

Marble is a natural stone that is easily recognizable given its unique appearance. Marble is either grey, white, pink exotic green but mostly white. Marble has special indicators which include flowing veins and elegance which works both in large and small slabs. Natural stones have an allure that cannot be achieved by any engineering process. Natural stones are appealing in both kitchens and bathrooms.

2. Elegant & Sophisticated Option

Marble is a popular stone in high end and luxurious establishments. From castles to old commercial buildings, monuments to ball rooms, window sills to countertops marble has been used as a show of luxury and power. Today, marble still hold a high place in the building and construction industry

3. Lifetime

Marble countertop outlive most of the synthetic materials. In cases where some materials melt, marble will normally withstand. They are not heat proof but they can surely take more heat than some synthetics.

4. Affordable

Despite its elegance and quality, marble is relatively affordable. From the mining process to the installation process, marble is cheaper than most countertop materials. Marble is readily available and this makes it more affordable. Get an instant quote for a marble worktop.

5. Pastry cool

Marble is naturally cool making it a darling for pastry lovers. When kneading, the flour doesn’t stick on the surface and this is a major plus.

The bad and the ugly

1. Soft like a sponge

Marble is more porous than granite and quartz. The soft nature of the stone makes it more porous than the granite and quartz. This means that marble is more prone from etching and staining. All the same, if you get your marble sealed and installed by a professional, marble may be as sturdy as both granite and quartz.

2. Needs more care and maintenance

To keep marble looking fresh and new, you will need to put in more effort than in the case of granite and quartz. For instance, you should be very careful when working with acidic food over a marble surface. Again, sealing and regular maintenance will protect the marble better. Protect your marble countertop by using trivets, cutting boards pot holders etc. stains should be cleaned immediately they spill.

3. It really hate kids

Marble is porous meaning that it is more susceptible to bacterial. This makes it unideal in homes with young children. Secondly, marble needs to be handled with great care since it is soft and porous. Acidic spills may cause the marble to dull and age. Marble is not the perfect option for most homes since it needs more maintenance and care.

4. Scratches and stain

Marble is soft and thus it very susceptible to scratches and denting. House hold items such as knives and pans will leave scratches on your marble countertop. Although it is relatively easy to buff some scratches away, big scratches are permanent.

5. Not a DIY project

If you though you will install your countertop by yourself or as a family activity, then a marble countertop might not be the best DIY project. The installation of marble requires professionals working with professional tools to install. Some of the cutting tools are expensive to purchase and/or hire.  Get free advice from Surfaceco team.

To buy or not buy

It goes without saying, marble is beautiful and aesthetically perfect. It will transform your home to something exotic and luxurious. This notwithstanding, it will need more time and effort to keep it looking beautiful and luxurious. Depending on the commitment you want to input in your marble, you will choose the fresh and new look or the old natural patina. But you should definitely buy!

Need help? Call us at 0333 322 0204 or get now a Instant Quote!

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The Difference Between Silestone and Granite Worktops

silestone vs granite worktops

When choosing a kitchen worktop, you will be faced with dilemma of picking the right material. There are so many countertop materials that you can pick. Two of the most popular materials are; Silestone and Granite. All the same, the two have so much in common yet so different. Knowing the difference will help you make the right decision for you home.

Granite and Silestone explained?

Granite is a natural stone that consists of different types of rock, with the most common being quartz and mica. Due to the different concentrations of different rocks, granite varies in colour and pattern depending on the rock composition. Like any other natural stone, granite is mined from the earth’s crust as huge blocks and cut into slabs which are the polished to make them smooth and shiny.

On the other hand, Silestone is an engineered stone that is made up of approximately 95% quartz and resin. They are fused together to create a solid and consistent material. Silestone has become popular in homes given its durability, sturdiness and a range of different colours and patterns. The pattern range from solid colours to patterns that resemble natural stones. It will not be surprising to find silestone slabs that look like marble but with the strength of granite.

Silestone and granite are practically of the same weight and density. They are cut and templated almost the same dimensions. Most fabricators of granite and silestone give a 10-year warranty that most customers cannot resist.

The difference between silestone and granite worktops


Granite is porous unlike silestone. All granites need to be sealed to prevent staining and absorptions of liquids. Most fabricators will seal the granite before supplying to end consumers while others don’t. It is recommended that re-sealing is done every two years or when it feel necessary to seal the worktop. Silestone is not porous! Silestone will resist stains caused by spills for a long time without the need of sealing it.


Both are relatively easy to clean. In most cases, stains can be removed by wiping with a damp sponge. This will be good enough to remove dirt and food residues. Using mild home cleaners and warm water will get rid of most stubborn kitchen stains. Silestone worktops can withstand harsh chemical cleaners but this is not the case for granite worktops since the cleaners cause the protective sealant to break.

Anti-bacterial qualities

Both silestone and granite are well positioned to resist bacteria. All the same, silestone has an advantage over granite in that it is more resistant to bacteria. Silestone has a special bacteriostatic that offers resistance to bacterial. This property makes silestone more ideal if you use your worktop to prepare food over or if you have young children.

The heat challenge

Granite is extremely heat resistant. It can take up a hot pan without cracking or scorching. As much as silestone is also heat resistant, it doesn’t perform well, when there is a sudden change in surface temperature. So if you need to let go of a hot pan quickly, then you better be having a granite worktop. To protect your silestone worktop, use trivets when placing hot pans or kitchenware on the surface.

Don’t scratch here

Granite maybe the better countertop when it comes to scratch resistance but all the same, they both have a degree of scratch resistance that allows them to be sturdy. Granite maybe slightly better because of its hardness.


There’s no big difference in terms of cost. Both the cost of the worktop and installation charges. All the same, high-end granite will be relatively more expensive that equivalent silestone.

Hottest in town

Currently, silestone is slightly more popular than granite in the UK. This perhaps because silestones has a wider range of colours and patterns when compared to granite. All the same, both materials are aesthetically good looking and perfect for any home.

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Granite Worktops, Are They Really Worth the Money?

Granite Worktops, Are They Really Worth the Money

It is undisputable that granite worktops are beautiful and go a long way to compliment any kitchen, home or bathroom. But beauty aside, are they really worth the money?

Granite worktops have numerous benefits and advantages that make them one of the most popular countertops. Granite is highly heat resistant meaning that it can take a hot pan without suffering aesthetical (loss of color or texture) or structural damage (melting and breakage). You can confidently drop a hot pan on your kitchen top without the fear of damaging it. Granite can handle up to 400oc of heat which is clearly more than enough in a kitchen.

Granite doesn’t not stain easily. And when it does stain, it is very easy to clean. Granite requires very little effort to keep it looking brand new even after four decades. You will not need to spend more money buying specialized cleaning products or hiring professionals to do your cleaning. Warm water and normal home detergents will be more than enough to keep your counter top looking fresh and new. On the other hand, you will not need to worry about bacteria contamination. When compared to other worktops such as wood, this is a big deal. This in mind, you can install granite at virtually any place in your home; bathroom, kitchen, dining room etc. How does wooden tops in bathroom handle the moisture?

  • Aesthetically, it is universally agreed that granite has the look. Granite slabs come in a variety of colors and patterns to choose from. This means you can have a custom made look for any of your worktop. You can have an original design for all your worktops given that they are over 50 different colors and patterns.

Some people may argue that it is better to have the cheaper wood or laminates countertops. But when you consider the maintenance over time, you will see you are better off with the expensive granite worktops. Wood and laminates is cheaper to buy and install. However, from time to time, you will be required to do regular maintenance and disinfection. The cost for the repair and disinfection in the long run will be more than a granite worktop.

Granite worktop do not depreciate overtime. And if they do, they depreciate at a very slow rate. If you are into the property market, or you are looking to sell your home in the future, having a granite countertop in your home will actually increase the property value in the market. You will be surprised by how much people will compliment your home for the granite finish.

One way to tell that a product is highly valued and adored, is to look at the number of imitations in the market. The more the imitations, the more valuable the original product is perceived in the market. Many design companies are selling cheaper imitation granite. And the reason is because granite stone worktops are beautiful and practical – fake it till you make it.

In summary, granite work tops are good looking and help to promote the overall appearance of your home and the market value. They save you on future maintenance cost and depreciation. You will not need to put in more money in the future as maintenance costs; once it is installed, you are done with it. Most installers and producers of granite, like Surfaceco give a long warranty if the countertop was installed by one of their authorized installers.

The lifespan of a granite worktop will often be longer than the house itself. So to answer the question, are granite worktops worth the money? With all these advantages, you can now figure it out yourself. If you need help, please feel free to call us at 0333 322 0204 or get now a free quote!

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How to Choose Your Kitchen Countertop Colour?

Kitchen Countertops Colours

You have painted your walls or wrapped them in paper, you’ve settled for the kitchen layout and the kind of feel you want to have in your kitchen. You can already visualize how the kitchen will look like after you are done with it. However, there’s one key aspect that will make or break the feel of your kitchen: your stone type (Marble, Granite or Quartz) and countertop colour. The choice of colour will make or break the aesthetics of the room. It is a matter of great importance that you familiarize with all available colour options before choosing your kitchen countertop.

There are four main theories of mixing and matching colours in order to achieve the ultimate aesthetic feel in your kitchen:


Basically, this is using two or more colours that are vastly different from each other and combining them to create a strong combination. This theory is helpful when you want one colour to stand out or when you want to add a degree of subtle to a brighter shade. It is of great importance that you ensure that the colours work well in this style else you will end up hurting the aesthetic feel more than complimenting it. This is quite an intense combination that needs someone who is sure of the colours.

Monochromatic scheme:

This is the direct opposite of complimentary colour scheme in that you use only one colour. Monochromatic colour scheme performs best when you use shades of the same colour to achieve a subtle colour scheme that is noticeable without detracting from the overall kitchen design. You will find this ideal in small kitchen spaces and kitchens with contemporary design elements. This gives a calming effect but it may look a little one dimensional.


This is basically the marriage of the two schemes mention above. Here, you choose two colours that are next to each other but optically distinguishable – one colour is a stronger shade of the second colour. The idea here is to place the stronger shade in large parts such as walls and ceilings and the second colour for smaller areas. This will work best when you team up cool colours or warm colours.

Mix and match

In this colour scheme, the colour is determined by the material. Mixing of materials is an increasingly growing trend among home owners. By mixing materials, you are able to add texture to schemes and prevent the look of your kitchen being overpowered by just one material. It has the potential of reducing the cost too – without necessarily increasing maintenance cost or compromising on the styling. For instance, if you use granite and introduce timber in some areas (where no much action takes place), you will not only compliment the looks but also make your kitchen top more affordable.

Other useful tips

  • Clashing colours – if you feel brave and confident enough, you can opt to add non-related colours and still have your kitchen looking beautiful. However, if you get it wrong, you will leave your kitchen looking like a circus.
  • Choose the countertop first – before you settle for the colour scheme of your kitchen, you will want to choose the countertop first. This is because you can always re-paint your walls and ceiling later. All the same, it doesn’t mean that you install the countertop before painting the walls.

Regardless of the countertop colour scheme you go for, ensure that you take time to hunt around for the correct materials. Be sure to check out what friends and family have done with their kitchens. You will want to learn from their mistakes and take advantage of where they excel. Do thorough research before settling on a colour scheme. Take advantage of the numerous home maker apps available to help you match the colours of your kitchen or get free advice from Surafceco team.

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10 Tips for Taking Care of Marble Worktops

Tips for Taking Care of Marble Worktops

Marble has lots of benefits and is an excellent choice for your home. It is a natural stone that looks stunningly beautiful. But like many other fitting around your home, marble can be damaged overtime after much wear and tear. How do you clean your Marble Worktops, fireplaces and vanities? To keep marble looking bright and shiny, here are simple tips for taking care of your marble that should be on your finger tips:

1. Clean marble stains as soon as possible.

Acidic spills are harmful for your marble. Stains such as wine, fruit juice, tomatoes and some soft drinks are harmful to your marble. After a spill, make sure to immediately bloat the acids. Wiping and rubbing the acid makes it worse. You can use a commercial marble stain remover if the stain persists.

2. Protect your marble to save yourself a lot of trouble.

Although marble handles heat decently, you will want to avoid placing hot objects on the marble. Use coasters in case you need to have anything hot on the marble. Another thing you will want to do is to use ceramic or stone containers rather than metallic containers to avoid rust stains.

3. Add a marble sealer and your marble may live longer.

Most natural stones don’t require a sealer. This is so especially because it was sealer during manufacturing or when it was installed. But since marble is very porous, and the sealer may lose its effect over time, it is advisable to use a sealer to protect the marble from staining and damage. A sealer isn’t bullet proof but it at least protects it from moisture a lot longer time than a surface that is not sealed. Some sealers need to be re-applied every year or two, others every fifteen to twenty years.

4. For everyday cleaning, keep it simple.

For daily cleaning, less is definitely more. Simply use a small cloth, microfiber, with warm, distilled water to clean marble countertops. This is mostly after contact with food and other day to day dirt. Always dry up your marble with a dry cloth since marble is prone to water spots. Remember to avoid vinegar and other acidic cleaners when cleaning marble.

5. Prepare the marble for polishing

Prepare the surface by removing all the dirt on it. Make sure you wipe all the grime, grease, waxes and stains with a commercial stone cleaner. This is very important to avoid forcing them deeper into the surface when polishing marble.

6. Make your marble shine.

The safest way to make your marble shine is to polish it with chamois on a damp surface. The chamois will polish as it dries up. In case you want it to let it shine more, you can use a commercial polish and dry with chamois.

7. Avoid marble etching

Marble is prone to marking because it has calcium carbonate makeup, which reacts with any acids. The acid eats away a tiny bit of the surface resulting in dull spots known as etches. Any splash of acid is going to leave a subtle mark.

8. Use only products that are designed to clean marble

Marble is very sensitive. Acidic compounds will harm the marble. There are numerous products that are used to clean marble. There are many marble cleaning products on the market… some are good, but many aren’t worth using even if they were free.

9. Wax is a double edged sword

Wax is often used on marble since it protects and polishes the marble. However, the wax will lead to discoloration, especially if the marble is white. To bring your marble to a shine, use commercial products.

10. You have to deal with the scratch menace

You will have to avoid getting your marble scratched at all costs. If you, can’t you will have to deal with them. If the scratch is slight, you can try fixing it yourself by using a coarse-grit sandpaper. If the scratch is deep, consult a professional, like Surfaceco UK team.

Please feel free to call us at 0333 322 0204  for any question related Marble Worktops or get a Free quote here!

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