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Top 10 Quartz Worktops Colours

Quartz Worktops Colours

Classic Quartz Stone is incredibly popular for kitchen worktops because it is a non-porous material, which makes it stain resistant and it is also heat and scratch resistant – perfect for food preparation areas like kitchens. It is also very easy to keep clean and maintain, with no upkeep costs such as sealants.
With Classic Quartz being one of our most popular materials for kitchen renovations, specifically with worktops, we have put together a list of our top 10 Classic Quartz Stone worktop colours.

Olympus Digital Camera

This is one of our ivory colours within the range which is perfect for those who are wanting a lighter colour without going for white. This colour has been finished with a light brown marble effect, perfect for those who want the marble appearance without the cost.


Verona is one of our brown colours within the Classic Quartz Stone range. Verona is light brown in colour with a white and darker brown pattern throughout.


Grey is such a popular colour at the moment and very on trend within homes, especially being paired with colours such as yellow. Serengeti is a dark grey colour with a black marble effect to finish it off.

San Vincente

San Vincente is one of our white colours within the range and has been finished off with a darker marble effect throughout.

Santa Brown

Another one of our brown colours is Santa Brown, the pattern and marks throughout this Classic Quartz Stone is so dark that is almost appears to be black.


For those who are wanting a brown but not wanting to go to dark, Palazzo may be for you. Palazzo is a lighter brown that has dark and medium browns throughout to create the marks and pattern.

Marbre Carrara

Another one of our white shades within the range is Marbre Carrara, which is a very popular choice. Marbre Carrara, as the name suggests, has been finished with a black marble effect.

Honey Onyx

As you will be able to tell by the name, it is almost golden in colour. The beige slab has been finished off with darker brown patterns and marks.


Yet another one of our beige colours within the Classic Quartz Stone range is Palmyra, once again, perfect for those who are looking for a lighter colour but not ready to go for white. Palmyra has been paired beautifully with white speckles throughout.


This colour may be beige but it is almost caramel in colour, much like the name suggests. Caramelo has a lighter beige, almost creamy coloured pattern throughout.

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Quartz Composite Worktops – Pros & Cons

Quartz Composite Worktops

Quartz Composite has quickly become such a fashionable stone to use for home renovations, especially for kitchen remodels. It can be used for a range of purposes but it is particularly great for kitchens and bathrooms.
Hopefully this article is going to help you decide whether Quartz Composite is the stone for you to use when it comes to your kitchen worktops. Quartz Composite is such a brilliant material to use however it does not come without some downfalls.

Pros of Quartz Composite

With Quartz Composite being a man made and engineered stone, it means that it is available to purchase in a range of colours, styles and shades that will fit in with your style and personality. You will never have to settle for a colour or shade that you do not completely love.

Quartz Composite is perfect to use for high traffic areas such as kitchens and bathrooms as it is extremely durable. Quartz Composite is able to survive without being dented or scratches like other stones out there. As it has been man made, it has such a strong stone to use. You never have to worry about sharp objects such as knives within the kitchen as it is practically scratch resistant, however it is still recommended to use chopping boards as you normally would to help prevent any mishaps from occurring.
Not only all that, but Quartz Composite is a heat resistant material which can withstand over 500 degrees of heat, which means that hot pans, pots and plates will not affect the finish. However, despite its heat resistant qualities it is still recommended that you do not place hot things directly onto the surface to help the life span of your worktop.

Cons of Quartz Composite

While Quartz Composite is such a beautiful stone it does not have the same appearance as other natural stones, which is a problem for those who are wanting to recreate the natural appearance. If natural stone is the look you are after then Quartz Composite may not be the one for you.
Despite Quartz Composite being so perfect for kitchen worktops and bathrooms, it is very sensitive to certain chemicals which may make the daily cleaning a bit more difficult for you. You will have to be careful which cleaning products and detergents you use on the surface as it may damage your worktop. You are unable to use any products that contain a high pH level, which may cause problems when shopping and damage if you forget or misread labels.

Quartz Composite may be great for being heat, scratch and stain resistant but it is not entirely damage free as it may appear. While it is such a durable and strong stone, it can still be damaged so you have to still take steps to ensure that it is being taken care of appropriately.

While Quartz Composite has a beautiful appearance, it is not seamless. Quartz is only made up of a particular number of feet in both width and length, which means to make larger worktops your supplier will need to connect multiple slabs together which will create a not-entirely seamless look. This is something you need to consider when you are thinking about having Quartz Composite as your worktop material.

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Granite vs Quartz Kitchen Countertops

New Kitchen

New Kitchen

You may be looking at this article because you are finding it tough to decide between Granite or Quartz for your kitchen countertops, or you may be weighing up your options. Whatever your reasons for being here, you need some help in deciding which is better – Granite or Quartz.
While both are great choices, both do have their pros and cons. This article is going to point out all the best bits and downfalls of both Granite and Quartz to help you decide.


Stones like Granite are not too great for those who are not wanting any long-term commitments and costs in terms of maintenance. You will need to consider and factor in these costs as Granite will need regular sealing to remain a non-porous material.
Quartz Stone, however, will never need any sealing and therefore perfect for those who do not want the hassle or expense of paying out for regular sealing.


Kitchen countertops are such a high traffic area and as you will be doing a lot of food preparation on the surface, spillages are to be expected. Granite is not a non-porous stone like Quartz is which means when you spill any liquids it will be soaked up into the stone which will then leave a stain.
Quartz Stone is a non-porous material which means it will never hold onto any liquids that have been spilt, which results in an easy clean.


Quartz Stone is by far the strongest material out of the two options. Quartz is entirely man made and has been made with 93% Natural Quartz and 7% Polymer Resin, which results in a strong stone. Quartz is known for being such a strong stone and beats Granite.


Not only will you be saving in the long-term if you decide to choose Quartz for your countertops, but it is also the cheaper alternative to Granite for the initial purchase cost. Granite is usually much more expensive to purchase per square foot than Quartz, which makes Quartz the most affordable option here.


When you are looking at materials for your kitchen countertops, hygiene is a top priority as you will be preparing food on the surface directly. Quartz is by far the most hygienic material that you can purchase as it has been engineered and man made so that it prevents any bacteria growth on the surface. Granite, however, does not have this quality.


When you are shopping around you are likely to want to see samples of the stone you are thinking about purchasing. When you look at a sample of Granite you may not get exactly what you see in the shop. Granite can have huge differences in colour as it has been dyed commercially.
When you look at a Quartz Stone sample you can expect to receive exactly what you are seeing in front of you as it has been manufactured and it will remain the same colour and style that you are looking at. As Quartz has been created within a controlled environment, you can expect to have zero defect or problems within your slab.

Cleaning Routine

Quartz Stone is by far the easiest to keep clean and all it requires is warm water and a mild soap to wipe it over with, this is more than enough to keep your kitchen countertop looking fresh. Granite, however, requires regular sealing to ensure that it is water proof and is not as easy to keep clean as Quartz.

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White Quartz Worktops – Pros & Cons

White Quartz Worktops

Many people are often scared about having white décor within their home but it can often end up giving your home a beautiful and elegant feel. White may look incredibly clean, fresh and crisp but it does come with a lot of work to keep looking clean, unlike other darker colours. Although, similar could be said for dark colours such as black.

A lot of people view white as a ‘danger’ or ‘brave’ colour to have but this article is here to help you with your decision of purchasing a white quartz worktop.There is a fair few pros and cons to having a white quartz worktop, so here is a list of the top ones:


The ‘Look’

As mentioned above, the white offers a beautiful look to any home and is a very popular and trendy choice for kitchens. As white goes with practically any other colour, you never have to worry about changing it in the future if you ever want to have a switch around.

Not Expensive

Unlike other stones like marble, quartz isn’t expensive to buy. As quartz is available in a variety of different colours and patterns and none of them are rare, they are not considered high end and therefore not priced as such.

Crisp and Fresh

Any kitchen that has been decorated in white looks incredibly crisp and fresh. For that reason, white décor is on trend and has been popular for many years.

Ideal for Smaller Kitchens

If you have a small kitchen then white quartz is your friend because it will reflect the light into making the room look bigger than it is. If the kitchen does not have very good natural light, then it will also reflect artificial lighting to make this appearance.


Hard to Keep Clean

If your kitchen is a high traffic area then you may struggle with having white worktops. The main problem with having white quartz worktops is that they take much more work to keep looking clean than other colours because white will show up almost any type of mark, spillage or crumb.

‘Too’ Clean

Some people often think that white rooms look too sterile and remind them of an hospital, which isn’t exactly the type of emotion you want your kitchen to evoke. But with a few added textures, the white can look breath-taking.

‘Too’ Big

As mentioned above, white has a great ability in reflecting light to make rooms appear bigger than what they are, but this could end up backfiring. If your kitchen is large then perhaps white wouldn’t be your ideal block colour, instead consider breaking up the white with some textures or darker shades to make sure that your room isn’t overdone.

As you can see, there are many more reasons why you should go for having a white quartz worktop than not. Quartz is the perfect worktop as it does not require regular maintenance such as sealing, like other stones such as marble, and is incredibly stain resistant. When you order a sample of quartz you can be sure that it is an accurate example of what you will get as quartz has a uniformity of colour and pattern.

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Quartz Stone vs Granite – What is the best option?

Quartz Stone vs Granite

When homeowners are looking to renovate their homes, they are faced with many hard decisions and it can often be overwhelming when having to choose between which type of materials to use and purchase.
This article is aims to make that process a little bit easier and is here to help provide you with all the information you may need when it comes to deciding whether to purchase Quartz Stone or Granite for your home.

Stain Resistant

Unlike granite and marble, quartz stone is non-porous which means that when you spill something along the kitchen worktops, it will not sink into the tiny capillary channels between the minerals. Over time, if you spill on unsealed granite then you may end up having a permanently stained worktop, whereas with quartz stone you will never have this worry.

Maintenance Free

With granite and marble, you would need to factor in the long-term costs of the product as they need regular sealing. Quartz stone does not come with this requirement and therefore will save you money both initially as well as over time.

Less Expensive

As mentioned above, not only would you save money in the long-term by choosing quartz stone but it is also the cheaper alternative when making the initial purchase. Granite and marble are both typically more expensive per square foot than quartz stone, which makes quartz the most affordable.


As quartz stone is made up of 93% natural quartz stone and 7% resin and dyes, it is incredibly strong. Quartz stone is known for being by far stronger than granite and marble due to how it has been made.

Consistent Appearance

Unlike granite, when you get a quartz stone sample you can expect to receive the exact same look as quartz is manufactured to ensure that it remains exactly the same colour that you desire. As quartz is designed and created within a controlled environment, there will be zero defects within the slab.
Granite can have differences in colour and patterns as granite has been commercially dyed and therefore may not be exactly what you expected to receive.


Quartz stone is by far the most hygienic stone to purchase as it is manufactured to offer greater hygiene to reduce bacteria growth. Both granite and marble do not offer this as part of the product.

Easy to Clean

Lastly, quartz stone is incredibly easy to maintain and keep clean. All you need to keep your quartz stone looking clean and fresh is regular soap and water. Your quartz stone will never require any special treatment or upkeep, just the usual cleaning regimes that you are used to. Granite and marble not only require regular sealing but they are not as simple and easy to keep clean as quartz stone.

So, there you have it, a list of reasons why you should choose quartz stone over granite. I hope this list has made your decision making somewhat easier!

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Quartz Caesarstone vs Silestone – Which is best?

Quartz Caesarstone vs Silestone

Choosing the type of quartz to use within your home renovations can be quite tricky, especially if you are struggling to see whether one is better than the other. By the end of this article you should have some more information to help you in your decision – Quartz Caesarstone or Silestone?

Ceasarstone and Silestone are both very popular and have been designed to have the appearance of granite. If you purchase either of these two for your home, you can expect to have a product that will last for many years to come with proper care.

So, here is our top four things to consider when choosing between caesarstone and silestone for your home improvement plans.

Price Comparison

With cesarstone quartz you should usually expect to pay slightly more, although prices will vary according to which supplier you go to. Caesarstone is typically higher prices than silestone as you pay for the import fees on top of the retail price.While price is often a game changer for many customers, it is not necessarily the be all and end to, as they both have a lot to offer.

Quartz Percentage

Caesarstone is made with, at least, 93% quartz content which doesn’t make it that much of a winner in comparison to silestone that has been manufactured to have, at least, 90% quartz.
For some customers, the percentage of quartz content often influences their choice of purchase, however with a percentage difference that small it shouldn’t really sway your decision too much. If you think you may have already made up your mind, certainly don’t let that change it.

Warranty Length

In terms of warranty, caesarstone is the clear winner as suppliers typically offer you a lifetime warranty, whereas with silestone you are looking at something more towards ten to fifteen-years warranty.
However, as quartz is brilliant for caring and upkeep as they essentially take care of themselves, a warranty is not usually needed but it is definitely something that customers like to know is there if they ever do need it.

Choice of Colours

For most customers the choice of colours available will often make a difference in what they will ultimately choose to purchase. Silestone offers a huge variety of colours for their customers which can be a massive plus for a lot of customers, especially those who like to take their take and pick the absolute perfect one for their home. However, having such a big variety to choose from can equally be just as overwhelming for the customer who prefers to choose one out of the showroom straight away with minimal fuss.

While silestone offers a good variety when it comes to colours, caesarstone offers the best variety for finishes. If you are interested in choosing from a wide selection of edging, then caesarstone is the one to go for.
Hopefully this article has helped to clear some things up for you and has helped you on your way to choosing whether caesarstone or silestone quartz is the one for you.

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Pros and Cons of Quartz Countertops

Pros and Cons of Quartz Countertops

Quartz stone is extremely popular for countertops for a variety of reasons but is it really all that it’s cracked up to be? In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of quartz stone countertops and you can decide for yourself whether or not quartz is the best material for countertops.


Scratch Resistant

As quartz is only second to diamond for its strength, it is highly resistant to scratches and can be left with no mark after a slip of a knife, leaving you with a good-as-new look for many years to come as long as you look after it.

Virtually Chip Resistant

Due to quartz strength, it is extremely difficult to chip or crack, which makes it a brilliant material for transporting and installing as well as living with.

Heat Resistant

Quartz is able to tolerate high heats without the material burning, as long as it does not exceed a certain temperature. Despite this, it is still recommended that you use heat pads when placing hot pans directly onto the surface.


Quartz stone has been manufactured to prevent any growth of bacteria, making it incredibly hygienic. So, if this is something that is important to you, this is a great bonus.

Consistent in Colour

Unlike other natural stones, quartz has been manufactured to have a consistent appearance in colour and pattern so you will never be disappointed in what you receive. A lot of other natural stones arrive with multiple inconsistencies which for some people is a downfall.

Maintenance Free

Unlike a lot of other natural stones, quartz stone will never require any sealing or other types of regular maintenance. Therefore, it is cheaper in the long-run and will save you a lot of money and time.

Stain Proof

If you spill a substance onto quartz stone then there is little to worry about as the stone is non-porous and will not retain any liquids. All spillages can be easily cleaned away, which is perfect for kitchen countertops.



Quartz stone does not have the same appearance as natural stones, so if this is the look you are after then it may not be the best option for you. Quartz is a manufactured red stone and therefore has that appearance.

Sensitive to Chemicals

You have to be careful which types of cleaning products you use on the surface as it is sensitive to some types of chemicals and cleaning agents. Any cleaning product that contains a high pH level would be unable to be used, which may cause a bit of hassle when you shop for cleaning products. If you accidentally misread or use the wrong product you may end up with a permanently damaged countertop.

Not Entirely Damage Free

While quartz stone is incredibly strong, it can still be damaged and chipped if hit hard enough. Sometimes the advertisement of it being so strong can influence you into thinking it is unbreakable and therefore result in you not being quite as careful as you should be.

Not Seamless

As quartz is usually only made up to a certain number of feet in both width and length, if you require a larger size then it will be made by connecting multiple slabs together, creating a not-so seamless look. If seamless is what you are after, you may wish to factor this into your decision making.

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Classic Quartz Stone Worktops – Pros and Cons

Classic Quartz Stone Worktops

Classic Quartz is extremely popular for being used for worktop for many reasons. Some believe that it is one of the best materials to use within your kitchen, but this article is here to provide you a list of both pros and cons of Classic Quartz Stone to help you throughout your decision making process.


Incredibly Heat Resistant

Classic Quartz Stone is able to tolerate extreme heats, as long as they do not exceed a certain temperature. Although, so you do not end up burning your worktop it is still highly recommended that you continue to use heat pads when placing hot pans and pots directly onto the worktop surface.


If you are looking for a brilliantly hygienic material then Classic Quartz is certainly for you. Classic Quartz Stone has been manufactured to purposefully prevent the growth of any bacteria, which makes it perfect for having within your home and kitchen areas.

Colour Consistency

Unlike other natural stones, Classic Quartz Stone is incredibly consistent in colouring. Classic Quartz has been designed to have a perfectly consistent appearance and you can expect for it to arrive without disappointment.

No Need to Maintain

Classic Quartz Stone will never require you to carry out regular sealing or any kind of special treatment to maintain its appearance and to extend its life, unlike other natural stones like granite. Therefore, Classic Quartz is the perfect option if you are looking at what will save you the most money long-term and what is the most hassle-free.
All you need to do to keep your worktop looking fresh and brand new is to take care of it and keep it clean.

Stain Proof

Classic Quartz Stone is an excellent choice for kitchen worktops specifically as it is a non-porous material, meaning that it will never hold onto any liquid or spillage that occurs, and let’s face it, you will be spilling things in the kitchen.



Unfortunately, Classic Quartz Stone does not have the same appearance as other natural stones on the market. So, if you are looking for a particular ‘look’ or style for you home, then it perhaps will not be the perfect choice for you.

Can Be Damaged

Despite it being incredibly strong and durable, Classic Quartz Stone can still be damaged if it is put under enough force.

Not Perfect

Despite Classic Quartz Stone being perfect in consistency for colour, the same cannot be said for being seamless. If you require a large piece to be made then it will be made by forming multiple smaller pieces of Classic Quartz Stone together as one, making a not-so-seamless look.


As Classic Quartz Stone is sensitive to certain chemicals you will need to be careful with which types of products you buy to use on your kitchen worktops. Anything that contains a high pH level can end up permanently damaging it. This can result in a lot more hassle when buying products and potential accidents could occur if you misread labels.

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Quartz worktops Reading Berkshire – Price & Installation

Quartz worktops

In terms of popularity, quartz is one of the fastest growing choices for a kitchen worktop, and when you look into the advantages of this durable and attractive natural stone, it’s not hard to see why.

Quartz is the only stone which doesn’t require any maintenance at all, which means it is a cost effective choice overall, and one which doesn’t take up time from your busy schedule either.

To highlight the major plus points, here are the main benefits of choosing a quartz worktop:

  • Very strong and durableQuartz is a natural stone, and your worktop will be made of around 93% natural stone and just 7% added in resin, to give you the colour and finish you’re after.
  • Available in a huge range of colours, patterns, and finishes – Perhaps the most wide-ranging stone in terms of the appearance available, as quartz is available in ‘out there’ fashion colours, neutral colours, glittering effects, marble vein effects, and everything else in-between!
  • Zero maintenance required – As we mentioned earlier, quartz doesn’t need any maintenance at all after the initial installation, so no yearly sealing and no special measures, other than regular cleaning, which you would hopefully do anyway!
  • Highly stain, heat, and scratch resistant – Whilst nothing on the planet is 100% resistant to any of the above, quartz is very highly so, which gives you peace of mind when you are in and around your kitchen. To minimise the small risk, don’t leave hot pans on your work surface for too long, use a heat protective mat, use cutting boards instead of cutting directly on the surface, and mop up any spillages as soon as they happen.
  • Easy to clean – Simply use a soft cloth and warm, soapy water, avoiding harsh cleaning chemicals and harsh scouring pads or cloths entirely.
  • Very widely available – The huge popularity of quartz means that it is now available very widely, and that is great news because you can shop around for great deals, without worrying about having to pay over the odds for your new worktop.

In terms of cost, you need to shop around, because the popularity and availability has driven up the price in some places, and dragged it down in others. This means you can take advantage of competition between suppliers, and you can also grab yourself a rather lengthy warranty too. On average however, the cost of a quartz slab per square foot is around £50, however this would change depending on the colour, finish, and pattern you opt for.

Rare shades make the price higher, whereas popular, basic shades are lower in cost. This is where you need to think carefully if you want to grab yourself a bargain on the new addition to your kitchen.

As a side note, it’s a good idea to be careful when you shop for the actual colour of your worktop. If you go for a colour which is unusual, you may find that it doesn’t ‘go’ with the next redecoration you do on your kitchen; you need something which lasts the test of time, and something which lasts for several redecorations also. If you can do this, you will find that you keep the worktop looking amazing for much longer.

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Pros & Cons of White Quartz Kitchen Worktops

White Quartz Kitchen Worktops

Are you scared of white kitchen worktops or white decors in general? Many people are, but this is a totally unfounded fear!

White decors look fresh, reflect the light, and always look clean, provided you put in the work to keep them that way. The downside? What we have just said – the work to keep them that way!

Having said that however, one of the most iconic worktop surfaces is in the shade of white – white marble. How many times have you seen this opulent choice and swooned at its beauty? This is one of the most timeless and classic options in front of you, and if you don’t want to go down the marble route, because you’re scared of the maintenance, you could choose another stone, such as quartz or granite; quartz doesn’t require any maintenance at all, and comes in all manner of different white shades, including marble effect too – this means you get the toughness with the appearance thrown in for good measure!

To give you a little more of a push in the right direction, here are the main pros and cons of choosing a white quartz kitchen worktop.


  • The appearance – We’ve mentioned it once already, but the beautiful appearance of white quartz is truly an opulent choice, and one which will look fantastic with various other parts of your kitchen.
  • The flexibility – White is a very flexible colour, because it ‘goes’ with most other colours besides.
  • Light reflecting qualities – If you have a small kitchen, installing a white quartz kitchen worktop will reflect the light, either natural or artificial, and this means you will have the illusion of a larger room.
  • Always looks clean – Provided you clean regularly, i.e. when you have been cooking, then you will have a beautifully clean and fresh look to your room for a long time to come.
  • Cost effective – White quartz comes in various different shades, but because these shades are not particularly rare, this means that they don’t come with a high price tag.



  • Cleaning needsWhite quartz is zero maintenance in terms of looking after it and sealing, it does probably require a bit more cleaning than any other colour, because it is going to show up any type of mark or spill. This obviously means you need to clean up a lot more.
  • Large rooms may end up looking ‘too big’ – If you have a particularly large kitchen, you need to pair your white worktop with a darker colour, otherwise your room is going to look huge! Of course, this doesn’t stop you having a white worktop, you just need to be careful what you pair it with.

As you can see, there are considerably more pros than cons, and that should certainly point you in the direction of a white quartz worktop for your next kitchen redecoration. Quartz is certainly the way to go if you want to cut down on maintenance and also in terms of availability, because you will not struggle to find quartz, especially in the many white shades.

Don’t be mistaken into thinking that white is white – oh no! White comes in various shades, finishes, and there are many patterns included in there too. You need to do your research, even when you narrow your choice down to a particular colour block!

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6 Popular Caesarstone Quartz Colours

Caesarstone Quartz

Quartz worktops are available in so many different colours that the decision can become extremely difficult to make. It’s overwhelming! You want your new worktop to look fantastic with the décor you currently have, or the one you’re planning, but you also want it to survive and ‘go’ with whatever you might change your décor into over the coming years. For that reason, you need to think carefully, and perhaps go neutral as much as possible.

If you go for a colour which is too ‘out there’, perhaps a fashion colour, something bright, then you’re going to end up with a work surface that you have to work around in a difficult job, rather than one which compliments most other décor choices.

Caesarstone recognise this fact, as one of the biggest suppliers of beautiful quartz worktops. Check out these six colour options, which are some of the most popular on the market.

White Attica – White is ever popular, and will never go out of fashion. If you’re a little scared of bright white, which some people are, then the blue marble veins in this particular option will break up the worry, and give you a very opulent appearance to your new kitchen worktop. This is probably the closest to marble that quartz will ever get!

Tuscan Dawn – Matte finishes look fantastic in a plain colour, and this rich light brown colour is a wonderful choice. This is a flexible colour option, because brown is very compatible with other shades, such as white, cream, grey, or black.

Atlantic Salt – You might not want a plain colour, and in that case you could go for a pattern, such as this one. Atlantic Salt is a wonderful mixture of brown, cream, and grey in flecks, which almost appear raised against the neutral background. Keep your cabinets and walls plain, and you have a very modern, and light-reflecting appearance to your kitchen.

Oyster – One of the most modern decors around at the moment is to go with grey and cream, or grey and white, and this particular shade of grey is a matte or shine option. Plain and very flexible, you are getting a mid-shade here, so nothing too dark, and nothing too light.

Jet Black – Black will never go out of fashion, and this colour remains ever popular for a reason. Black doesn’t show the dirt, although you should still clean, and it goes with many other colours too – a monochrome appearance is certainly opulent!

Crème Brule – The name alone sounds amazing, and the appearance is equally so! A creamy, rich colour, with lighter flecks running through it, this is a great centrepiece choice, and one which certainly goes well with other colours.

These are six of the most popular and most beautiful Caesarstone colours you can choose from, with plenty more besides. Remember to shop around, because this supplier is available from many different sources, and that means that you can save cash and grab yourself a great, lengthy warranty at the same time.

It’s always a good idea to head to a showroom and check out your preferred colour in person, because different shades react differently to artificial and natural light – this way you know what you’re getting, without any surprises on the day of installation.

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Pros and Cons of Quartz Stone Work Surfaces

Quartz Stone Work Surfaces

Are you unsure about quartz for your new kitchen worktop? It’s not surprising, there are so many options available, and the whole thing can get a little confusing if you’re not clear on the pros and cons of each option in front of you!

When it comes to your work surface, if you’re going down the natural stone route, you have three main choices – granite, marble, and quartz.

We’re going to focus entirely on quartz in this chat, basically because it is packed with advantages, with only the odd downside. This means that quartz is a great choice for your new worktop, be it for your kitchen or your bathroom.

Let’s check out the pros and cons in turn.

Pros of Quartz Stone Work Surfaces

Non-porosity – Quartz is a non-porous stone, which means that it doesn’t absorb liquids, and it doesn’t harbour germs or bacteria. This is a big plus point, because this makes it a hygienic option, and it also means that it is going to last longer, due to the reduced chance of problems from liquid absorption!

Very highly heat resistant – You would need to place a large amount of heat on the work surface to cause any damage, which makes it an ideal choice for bathrooms and kitchens. Obviously don’t play Russian roulette by testing this out too much, because over time it’s likely that there will be the odd problem, but if you can use heat pads, you’ll cut out the tiny possibility.

Very highly scratch resistant – Again, nothing is 100%, but you’re going to struggle to scratch a quartz work surface easily. If you stick to using cutting boards then you’re totally cutting out the chances of a scratch from occurring.

No maintenance required – Quartz is the only one of the natural stone options which doesn’t require any maintenance at all. Granite and marble will need regular sealing, but quartz doesn’t need anything, other than regular cleaning as you would do anyway.

Large number of colours and patterns available – You will find so much choice available, and the options might be overwhelming!

Cons of Quartz Stone Work Surfaces

Non-porosity – We’ll put this in the cons side as well as the pros, because the fact that quartz is non-porous means that it will probably always remain wet if there is water anywhere near it.

The range of colours could be overwhelming – The large range of different colours and patterns could lead you to feeling overwhelmed, which could then push you into making a snap decision. You need to really think about this carefully, because your quartz work surface needs to survive several redecorations – stick to neutral colours if possible.

As you can see, there are considerably more pros than cons when it comes to choosing quartz, and this is because it is such a fantastic choice. A quartz worktop, when installed professionally and cleaned regularly, will last you a considerable length of time.

Remember to shop around as best you can, and to check out colours carefully before choosing your final option. If you can avoid making fad/on trend choices, and instead stick to something which is going to ‘go’ with many other colours, you’ll find you have a very long-lasting option for a long time to come.

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5 Benefits of Black Quartz Floor Tiles

Black Quartz Floor Tiles

Black is always in fashion, whether we’re talking about clothing, shoes, or home décor; monochrome is a style we will rock for the rest of eternity! Black is also a colour which basically goes with everything else too.

Of course, when you come to renovate and redecorate your home, you’ll need to not only think about the wallpaper and paint, but also the hardware too. We’re talking about cabinets, worktops, and of course, flooring.

Flooring has also been a subject that causes problems, because not only does your floor have to be hard-wearing and safe, but it needs to look good too. Let’s tie the colour black into this – what are the benefits of going down the line of black quartz floor tiles?

Black quartz floor tiles look stylish

There is nothing more stylish and attractive than a black stone floor, no matter what finish you go for. Of course, you could jazz it up and go for a sparkle fleck in the stone, and that would certainly catch the attention, as well as the light! On top of this, black practically goes with every other colour, and is also great at hiding tiny bits of dirt that you simply don’t have the time to clean right at that moment!

Black quartz floor tiles are non-porous

Quartz is the only one of the natural stones which is non-porous, and that means it doesn’t absorb liquid and isn’t going to harbour any nasty germs and bacteria. This is a great plus point in the direction of hygiene. Obviously you will need to make sure that you dry your floor carefully if you get it weight, to avoid slippery spots, but the non-porosity definitely makes your floor tiles last longer.

Black quartz floor tiles are available in a variety of different shades, patterns, and finishes

You will be able to find a huge range of different shades of black – black is never just plain black! On top of this there are many patterns on offer, including that aforementioned glitter fleck which is so popular, and also many different finishes, such as polished and matte. You need to really check out the colour and finish carefully in person, because online catalogues don’t show you how they differ in natural and artificial lights.

Black quartz floor tiles are strong and hard-wearing

Quartz is a natural stone which is mined from the earth. This means that you are getting a very strong floor tile, which is going to stand up to many different tests. You are also getting cost effectiveness here, because quartz is known to be hugely hard-wearing, especially when compared to laminate and wood floors.

Black quartz floor tiles require zero maintenance

Our final reason to go with black quartz floor tiles is probably the biggest one of them all – quartz doesn’t require any maintenance other than the normal cleaning you would do anyway. Marble and granite require treating annually, and laminate and wood also require maintenance to differing degrees. After the initial installation, quartz requires nothing else, other than normal cleaning with warm, soapy water and a soft cloth.

The bottom line here is that black quartz floor tiles look fantastic, and no matter what shade or finish you go for, the appearance will be stylish, attractive, and certainly very long-lasting indeed.

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Top 10 Quartz Lunastone Colours

Quartz Lunastone

When you decide on quartz for your new kitchen or bathroom worktop then you are making a very wise choice. Not only do you have plentiful options in front of you in terms of colour and pattern, but you are also going to get some major advantages in terms of durability and product lifespan.

Lunastone Quartz is a naturally occurring stone, it is mined from the earth and it is kept pretty much in its natural state when it arrives in your home. You can expect around 93% natural quartz content in your worktop, with the rest being resin to add the colour you’re looking for. All of this adds up to a very strong and very natural work surface, and you have a few other benefits too:

  • Quartz is stain resistant to a very large degree;
  • Quartz is scratch resistant, also to a large degree;
  • Quartz is non-porous, which means it doesn’t absorb liquids and it doesn’t harbour germs which could lurk in the food you make on the surface, causing illness;
  • Quartz is also the lowest maintenance natural stone, because after the initial installation, it doesn’t need anything else doing to it, other than the regular amount of cleaning you would do anyway.

Possibly the only downside of choosing quartz is that you have to choose your colour from a very large range, and that can be difficult!

Quartz Lunastone is one of the biggest producers of natural quartz work surfaces, and they have a huge range of options available to you in terms of colour, pattern, and finish. It’s always a good idea to check colours out in real-life, rather than simply relying on the internet picture you see online, because certain lights can change their appearance, e.g. natural light and artificial light. Obviously, you also need to pick a colour which is going to ‘go’ with everything else, and which will also stand up to redecorations, without having to change the work surface every time you want to paint.

To help you out in your colour choice, here are ten of the most popular quartz Lunastone natural quartz worktop colours.

  1. Artico – White is a fantastic shade to go for, and this one is certainly up there with the most popular. This is white, but it isn’t 100% white, which gives it more flexibility and warmth; there are flecks of cream which appear across the surface.
  1. Bianco Luminoso – This is another white/cream choice, but to give it a little extra dimension, you will find grey and white marks or flecks across it.
  1. Cappuccino – Who doesn’t love a cappuccino? This shade is as luxurious as the drink itself, with tiny dark brown flecks to give it extra warmth.
  1. Nero Matallo – Black is always going to be in fashion, and this particular shade is made more servicible and less harsh by the white and grey shades which run through it.
  1. Bianco Metallo – This isn’t white, even though the name might lead you to think that, but it is grey instead, with darker speckles across it.
  1. Blu Luminoso – Obviously this is a blue shade, but the silver speckles which run across it really make it shine.
  1. Grigio Matallo – If you want to try grey but you’re scared to go too dark, this mid-grey shade is ideal, with tiny white marks which lighten it up a little more.
  1. Rossi Luminoso – Want to go a little ‘out there’? Try this red shade, which has grey/black speckles to add depth and to make it a little more homely.
  1. Tempesta – Grey is really making waves in the decorating world, and this particular middle of the road shade has darker speckles within it, to add a deeper flavour.
  1. Sabbia – Finally, but certainly not least, we have a cream and beige combination, which adds warmth and class to your kitchen.

Which will you choose?

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10 Classic Quartz Colours For Kitchen Tops

classic quartz colours

Redecorating a kitchen isn’t an easy or quick task, it needs planning, thought, care, and plenty of attention in order to get it right. If you don’t do any of these, even just one, then you are going to be running the risk of missing out a very important detail, and then you will end up replacing something earlier than you had planned. Time consuming and money consuming – two things you don’t need!

If you opt for classic quartz then you are making a long lasting choice, because this is a very strong stone, very durable, and it also doesn’t need any maintenance after the initial installation. On top of this, quartz is the only natural stone which is non-porous, therefore it doesn’t absorb water, which leads to cracks and problems, and it also doesn’t harbour nasty germs, which can cause illness.

Overall, classic quartz stone is a fantastic option to go for, with very little the way of downside.

One area you may struggle with however is which colour to pick, simply because there are so many. In every single static colour you will find many shades and designs, and it can be hard to narrow it down. To help you in your search, here are ten standard colours which you might like to think about, with a little advice in each about the types of shades and finishes that are available.

  • Black – Monochrome is a design which is never going to go out of fashion, but some people tend to be a little scared of the harshness of this dark colour. If you pick a lighter shade of black, you can create a warmer space, and you simply need to be careful what you pair it with. If you have a small kitchen, a dark décor will only make it look smaller, but if you pair it with a lighter shade, you could create the illusion of space.
  • Grey – Some people are equally as scared as grey, because they have it in their head as a cold, clinical colour. This isn’t true, because if you can pair a light grey with a luxurious cream, you can create a really warm and classy space. If you do want a very modern twist however, dark grey is a good go-to.
  • White – This is a classic quartz colour which surprisingly is available in many different shades! White is never just white, and you can go for off-white if you want to veer a little off target, or pair it with a fleck of silver for a little sparkle.
  • Cream – For those who are a little worried about the starkness of white, cream is a great source of middle ground, and it can look fantastically luxurious and sophisticated when paired with the right shade. How about a latte and cream colour scheme? Wonderful!
  • Beige – This is a colour which has countless shades under its original umbrella. Beige is a middle ground source between darker shades and lighter ones, and as such, it is extremely popular. If you want to go for a traditional, country kitchen kind of vibe, beige is the perfect choice.
  • Brown – Again, you can choose a dark brown or a light one, perhaps even a middle shade, but it adds warmth, especially when you pair it with cream or white.
  • Coffee colours – Here we are talking about the latte, cappuccino, and espresso shades, which all have different intensities within them. For large kitchens you could go darker, so espresso is a good one, but for smaller kitchens, create a sense of space by going for something light and rich, such as latte.
  • Blue – For a calming appearance to your kitchen, where things can sometimes get a little tense, blue is a fantastic choice. Again, choose from a huge range of shades, but go for a lighter shade, such as a duck egg colour, for smaller spaces.
  • Green – This is equally as calming as blue, but a little less harsh in some circumstances. Pairing a light green with speckles within it, with a white or cream cabinet is instantly luxurious and creates that space illusion again.
  • Red – Finally we have a choice you may not have thought of – red. Go for a burgundy shade with a few earthy flecks with it, such as brown or beige, and you will cut down on the ‘out there’ element.

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7 Beautiful Quartz Silestone Colours For Kitchen Worktops

Quartz Silestone

You want a new kitchen worktop, but you have to make a few decisions before you make the purchase.

Firstly, what material are you going for? What colour? Where are you going to buy it from?

Silestone quartz is a fantastic choice in terms of producer of quartz, and this high quality brand means you have the fall back of a warranty on top of everything else. It’s always a good idea to check shades on the internet and then go to a showroom, to see how it looks in different lights, because this can often be the make or break point; just because a shade looks grey in artificial light, and on the internet, doesn’t mean it will look grey in daylight, in your kitchen.

If you need a little inspiration, here are seven wonderful Silestone shades you can choose for your new kitchen worktop, all of which work wonderfully well with other colours in your décor.

Blanco Zeus Extreme – This is a white shade, but it is slightly offer white, veering slightly towards cream, which makes it easier to look after and easier to clean. The lack of blinding white also means that it goes with other colours much easier, so if you are wanting a monochrome design, a coffee design, or perhaps a grey and cream décor, this is the shade you could go for. It is also glossy in finish and doesn’t have lines running through it.

Arctic – This is a white shade, literally, but it has darker grey flecks running through it, which breaks up the expanse of colour. Again, this goes with many other colours, so you can easily pair your black, grey, brown, or other white cabinets with this kitchen worktop, for a wonderful finished product.

Hudson – This particular shade is in the Silestone Ocean Series and is actually a light brown shade which has grey lines running through it. This is a very sleek finish choice, and the lines aren’t too prominent, which makes it easy to clean, easy to look after, and very modern for your new kitchen décor.

Rosso Monza – Not everyone wants a kitchen which is muted or neutral, so if you are after a truly retro theme, this particular red shade is fantastic. In the Silestone Life! Series, Rosso Monza will look fantastic with glossy white or black. Of course, if you go for this particular option you are going to struggle in the future if you want to totally change your décor and go muted, but if you are keen on staying bold, this is a beautiful shade to go for.

Doradus – It’s likely that black will never go out of fashion, and in that case, Doradus is a fantastic choice. This is a black shade, but it has tiny flecks of dark grey running though it, which aren’t that noticeable unless you look very closely. This means that the shade is interesting, and interesting is always good! Of course, black is also very easy to look after, when compared to white and lighter shades.

Pulsar – If you have a country kitchen/farmhouse theme, then Pulsar is a great choice of shade for your new kitchen worktop. This is a cream shade and it has yellow/light brown flecks running through it, which seem to be arranged in a pattern which almost looks like flowers. This means you will have a very charming and retro work surface, which will look great with other muted cabinets.

Black Canyon – Finally we have another dark choice, but this one isn’t black, it is actually dark brown, with white, grey and black flecks in it, which almost look like sand. In the Mountain Series, this Silestone quartz choice is natural and neutral, looking great in either a modern kitchen, or something more farmhouse in style.

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Quartz Stone Splashbacks Vs Glass Splashbacks

Quartz Stone Splashbacks

A splashback is an integral part of your kitchen; not only does it look great, but it works to protect your walls from the splattering of food when cooking. Of course, you can go without one, but after a few days you will certainly see the major benefit that this piece of equipment can give you.

Many people don’t place that much importance on a splashback, simply because it doesn’t jump out at you, not like a work surface or the cabinets do, but the fact remains that a splashback will complete your kitchen design in many different ways.

Of course, within this you have several choices, but the main two go between quartz stone and glass.

Which should you choose?

Let’s look at them one by one and see if we can whittle down your decision.

Quartz Stone Splashbacks

Quartz is a very strong and durable stone, and the main three benefits are that it is a) stain resistant, b) heat resistant and c) doesn’t require maintenance after the initial installation. All of this adds up to a long lasting, strong, and cost effective choice.

If you have a quartz work surface then you can add serious style to your kitchen by continuing the splashback in the same colour and pattern as you have chosen for your work surface; this will simply mean the eyeline is drawn up in continuity and will look fantastic as a result. The fact the material requires little maintenance also means that aside from cleaning up regularly, as you would do anyway, you don’t need to seal the material more than once, i.e. when it is installed.

Glass Splashbacks

On the other hand you have the minimalistic and modern look of glass. First things first, the advantages. Glass is easy to clean, as you simply wipe it with a damp cloth and you’re sorted. Secondly, glass looks fantastic because it is modern and shiny, so if you have a modern kitchen décor, glass is going to look great and fit in perfectly. Glass is also cheaper than quartz, so if you’re on a budget, this is a great one to go for.

Of course, glass does chip occasionally so you need to be careful in terms of looking after your splashback. On top of this, you won’t have the continuity opportunity that you would have if you chose a quartz work surface and splashback.

You are really splitting hairs in terms of which one you go for, and you could argue that this is really down to cost and whether you want to continue your quartz colour and pattern scheme up from your current work surface. If you are on a budget, glass is probably going to be best, and this is also going to look equally as modern as your modern kitchen. If you have a more retro look, i.e. a farmhouse décor, then quartz will fit in better, because glass is always going to look more sleek and modern than quartz will.

Which will you choose?

The best advice is to check your budget, check your décor requirements and choose based on those two facets. If you have a modern kitchen, probably go for glass; if you have a retro or classic kitchen, go for quartz. If you’re simply on a budget? It’s glass for you.

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10 Beautiful Lunastone Quartz Colours

Lunastone Quartz Colours

Choosing a quartz stone worktop is never as simple as deciding you are going to have a new worktop and simply buying it, because you have to think about the colour, the pattern, the shape, the size, and where you’re going to get it from. There are many brand names of quartz on the market, and choosing the right one for you is a definite must do.

Lunastone is a big named brand, and one which is leading the pack. If you need a few pointers to why you should pick Lunastone for your new quartz, here’s some reasons:

  • Lunastone are a big named brand with a factory in Hertfordshire, with a huge output
  • Lunastone’s quartz worktops are extremely strong and durable
  • There is a 10 year warranty on all quartz worktops
  • Quartz is naturally mined from different locations across the world, including India and South Korea

Of course, we know that quartz overall has some fantastic benefits and this is a material which you should certainly have at the top of your list when putting together your final decision. Quartz is very hard-wearing, non-porous, doesn’t harbour bacteria and germs, is available in a huge variety of different colours and patterns, is stain and chip resistant, resistant to heat, and is also very low maintenance after the initial installation.

We mentioned colours, and that is another massive choice you have to make. Lunastone have a very large choice of quartz colours on offer, and all give you a totally different look to your kitchen space, when paired with your existing or upcoming room décor.

Here are ten colours which are certainly luxurious and beautiful, for you to consider.

  1. Artico – A wonderful off-white shade which has flecks of cream running through it
  1. Bianco Luminoso – A cream shade with grey and white small flecks
  1. Bianco Metallo – A light grey shade with silver and darker grey flecks
  1. Blu Luminoso – Rich midnight blue with silver flecks scattered across it
  1. Cappuccino – The classic luxurious coffee colour with slight flecks of a slightly darker shade
  1. Grigio Matallo – Mid-grey with white flecks throughout
  1. Nero Matallo – Black with larger flecks of white and grey
  1. Rossi Luminoso – Red with very slight grey flecks which seem almost elevated
  1. Tempesta – Another mid-grey shade, with darker grey flecks
  1. Sabbia – A beautiful beige and cream mixture

When choosing your ideal quartz worktop shade, you need to make sure that you make the correct decision according to not only the current décor you have in your kitchen, but also any potential ideas you have for the future. Sticking to a natural shade, like any of the above we have mentioned, will give you scope for change in the future, without having to replace your kitchen worktop because it simply doesn’t go with anything anymore.

The only shade on our list we have mentioned which is possibly not as natural as the others is Rossi Luminoso, but even this particular quartz shade can easily be paired with cream, black, grey, or brown, to create a very modern looking space for your kitchen décor.

Whichever shade you go for, Lunastone is certainly a quality option to go for when shopping on SurfaceCo for your quartz worktop, and with a quality guarantee, you also have peace of mind.

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6 Reasons Why You Should Choose Quartz Stone

quartz stone

Decorating a kitchen is no easy task; you have so many decisions to make, and you want to be 100% happy with the final outcome too. If you want to save cash whilst you’re doing it you’re also making your task a little harder, but the good news is that provided you make sensible decisions, having done your homework before parting with any of your hard-earned savings, then you can not only have a wonderful kitchen space you are proud of, but you can also look at your bank balance without crying too!

Your new kitchen worktop is probably going to be the most expensive part of your decorating process, so this is certainly an area you should give some serious thought and effort towards. If you’re looking for the most hard-wearing and durable option then it has to be stone, but within that you have further decisions to make, i.e. what stone do you go for, and what colour?

Granite, marble, and quartz stone all have major benefits, but one does tend to stand out a little above the rest in terms of functionality and maintenance.

Let’s look at six reasons why you should opt for quartz stone in your new kitchen.

  • Quartz is very strong – Quartz is a naturally occurring stone, which is kept in very high originality when it is installed into your new worktop. Your surface will be 93% natural quartz, with 7% being added resin to the colour you choose. This means that your work surface will be very hard and strong, able to stand up to many different tests.
  • You can choose between many different colours – You can choose between a huge range of colours and patterns for your new quartz stone worktop, which means you can easily fit it in with other parts of your kitchen décor. It’s always wise to go for a neutral shade however, because this means you can change your kitchen colour scheme over the years, without having to change your worktop again.
  • Quartz is non-porous – This means that your worktop does not harbour germs or bacteria, and that gives you a more hygienic kitchen overall. Quartz is one of the only stones which can boast this, and provided it is sealed correctly at installation, you won’t have to worry about any nasties in your kitchen.
  • Chip, stain, and heat resistantQuartz stone is also very highly resistant to heat, staining, and chipping, so you don’t have to be ultra-careful with hot pains or any substances which may stain another type of stone, such as red wine or vinegar. Of course mop up any spillages as they happen, because this cuts down on staining risk – quartz might be strong and resistant but it’s not 100% on any score, but nothing is!
  • Cost effective – Quartz is one of the cheapest stones out there and when you throw in the cost effective benefits, you can see why. Put simply, your worktop is going to last you a long time.
  • Low maintenance – Quartz is the only stone which won’t require any maintenance after it has been installed. Professional installation will do the trick, and will ensure the stone is sealed correctly; after that all you need to think about it regular cleaning, as you would do anyway.

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5 Pros & Cons for Quartz Cimstone Worktops


Choosing a Cimstone quartz worktop UK is a fantastic decision to make, because it means you have a hard-wearing and durable material to work with for many years to come. Of course, if you choose a large brand name, you know you are getting quality and peace of mind, as well as a long warranty too. Cimstone are a huge name in the quartz worktop world, and their surfaces come in a huge variety of different colours and shades to boot.

If you don’t really know where to start with worktops and you’re waiting to be convinced, here are five pros and cons of Cimstone quartz worktops, to help you in your decision.

Pros Of Quartz Cimstone Worktops

  • Large number of colours available – The wide range of colours means you can find anything you need to suit your current kitchen décor, or the décor you are wanting to create. There are countless shades of each standard colours, as well as patterns and individual markings, which means no slab is ever really going to look the same when compared to another work surface.
  • Warranty – Big named brands such as Cimstone offer a warranty for their worktops, and that gives you extra peace of mind again. Check when you purchase your quartz worktop regarding the exact warranty on offer for your product.
  • Quality and installation – Big names mean quality and Cimstone certainly offer that. In addition, you know that your worktop is being installed by skilled individuals who know exactly what they are doing; this means you don’t have to worry about anything going wrong in the future.
  • Heat resistant and scratch resistant – Quartz by its very nature is heat resistant and scratch resistant to a large degree, so when you are going about your business in the kitchen, you don’t have to be as careful as you would be with other materials, such as marble, for instance.
  • Non-porous – Quartz is a non-porous stone, and that means it doesn’t absorb liquid and doesn’t harbour germs or bacteria. This is a great go-to for a hygienic kitchen worktop.

Cons Of Quartz Cimstone Worktops

  • The large number of colours can make the decision harder – Whilst having a large number of colours and patterns available to you is a plus point, it is also a downside too, because the decision is much harder on which one to go for. If you make the wrong decision then you could be left with a worktop which simply doesn’t ‘go’ with the rest of your décor when you decide to change it in the future, and this is a costly and time consuming mistake.
  • You might find it hard to choose between Cimstone and other brands – When you are trying to make a big decision such as which worktop to go with, it can be hard to narrow your choices down. You don’t just have Cimstone to choose from, and that could complicate matters first.
  • You need professional installation – Worktops such as this need professional installation, and that ups the price in terms of the total. You can’t do this yourself, and there really is no way around this particular step.
  • You still need to be careful because nothing is indestructible – Whilst quartz is very highly stain and chip resistant, it isn’t 100% on either count, because nothing is.

Price – Of course, if you want quality then you are going to have to pay for it, and you may find that a Cimstone quartz worktop could be more costly than some other options you have in front of you.

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Are Quartz Worktops More Expensive Than Granite?

Quartz Worktops

When you are looking to renovate and upgrade your kitchen, the worktop is probably going to be one of the first things you think about, after the walls of course. You have many choices to make here, from colours, pattern, to the material you are going to use. Marble, granite, quartz, stone, these are all choices you have to make and the decision will really depend on what you want to do with the countertop, what type of colour you want, and how long you want it to last.

Granite has long been thought of as being an expensive stone to use for countertops, but this is changing nowadays, and that has opened up decisions for anyone who wants to change things around. The question you might have in your mind however is this – are quartz worktops more expensive than granite?

Well yes, it used to be, but as we have said, prices are falling.

In terms of how much quartz is, you can expect around £50-80 per square foot when the quartz worktop is also installed, which is much less than it ever used to be; this is down to changes in technology and times generally changing through demand.

It’s About More Than Cost

Of course, it’s not all down to cost, because you need to think about other things too, such as durability and colour choices.

Granite is mined from the earth naturally, before being cut and polished into shape. The appearance of granite is always different, which is a plus point for anyone who wants a different kitchen countertop to their neighbours! On top of this, granite is a durable material to use, as it is very heavy – this has the downside of needing to be sealed regularly, as well as needing to be installed by professionals.

Quartz on the other hand is made of 93% quartz, with 7% resin mixed in – this means you can find quartz in a huge variety of different colours and patterns, which adds to its charm and popularity. Quartz is also very strong but it is more flexible overall, which means it is easier to install, and therefore installation probably won’t cost as much. Quartz is also non-porous and doesn’t need to be sealed regularly.

To sum it all up …

Granite and quartz are quite similar in price these days, which has certainly changed over recent years. This is great news for anyone who is looking to renovate their current kitchen appearance, and opens up many choices and designs to give you a new and fresh space to gather in.

We know that granite is always going to be slightly more expensive, because it is a totally natural rock, with nothing added in, and it is slightly harder to install, but in terms of a major difference, you’re not looking at masses of cash to choose between the two.

The choice is now yours – do you want to go with a natural appearance, one which no-one else will have because of the naturally occurring lines and veins? If so, you need to go with granite. Do you want to go with a colourful and more fashionable appearance? If that is a yes, perhaps quartz is for you.

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All About Quartz Unistone

Quartz Unistone

There are many different stones and material to choose from when it comes to renovating your kitchen or bathroom countertops, and it pays to be up on the facts and figures, to make sure you pick the right one for your needs, requirements, and budget.

Quartz is a very popular choice, and a very durable one too. This natural stone is excavated from the ground, and is extremely long-lasting and strong. Installation needs to be done properly to ensure it lasts to its full potential, and to ensure you’re not left with a costly mistake on your hands.

As with any type of material, there are different manufacturing types, and quartz is available in a type called Unistone. This is a top quality brand, and a big name which will give you confidence when you are investing a larger sum of money into your kitchen or bathroom countertops. There is also the added bonus of a warranty and installation, so you don’t have to do it yourself.

Unistone quartz is made of 93% pure quartz, and 7% resin, to give it various colours and patterns, depending on what you want in your kitchen. This is an ideal material for both kitchen and bathroom worktops, and is anti-bacterial, which means it is ideal for families with small children. The surface is non-porous also, which means it doesn’t stain easily, and that makes for a longer lasting product overall. Of course, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look after your work surface carefully, and strong solvent chemicals should be avoided, as this may cause degradation over time.

Available Colours of Quartz Unistone

Quartz Unistone is available in the following colours:

  • Alaska White;
  • Belgian Blue
  • Bianco;;
  • Bianco Assoluto;
  • Bianco Carrara;
  • Bianco Cristal;
  • Bianco Extreme;
  • Bianco Galactica;
  • Bottocino;
  • Bruno;
  • Calacatta;
  • Cemento;
  • Cinza;
  • Crema Marfil;
  • Empire Brown;
  • Grigio;
  • Jura Grey;
  • Moca Crema;
  • Nero Assoluto;
  • Nero Galactica;
  • Sabbia Greige;
  • Statuario;
  • Titanium Brown;

As you can see, there is a shade for almost every type of colour you would want for your kitchen or bathroom work surface, and these all tie in with various other different decors you would have on your wall, which makes for a flexible and durable choice of material to go for.

You might now be wondering how much Quartz Unistone is going to cost you, but the final cost really depends on the size and shape you want. A good retailer will be able to give you a quote before you commit to anything, and there are often online quotes you can obtain, which means you can shop around online and decide on the colour, type, and size of your quartz slabs, without even leaving the house – major bonus for you!

Overall, quartz is a fantastic option to go for, especially for kitchens, because this is the room which is going to have the most in the way of hard work. Think about it – red wine, vinegar, various other staining items, these all make contact with your work surface, so you need to go for an option which isn’t going to stain after the first few uses, and one which isn’t going to need major maintenance, other than regular cleaning.

Quartz Unistone ticks all these boxes, and ensures that bacteria is kept away from the surface, being non-porous, as most quartz varieties are.

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8 Things You Didn’t Know About Quartz Worktops

Quartz Worktops

Whether you’re looking to kit out your bathroom or your kitchen, you need to seriously think about the material you are going to use for your worktop. Quartz is one of the most popular, and for very good reason, but if you don’t really know too much about this wonderful natural stone, here are 8 things to bear in mind.

  1. Quartz is non-porous so it doesn’t stain

This is especially important for kitchens because of the huge variety of different food products that the worktop is going to come into contact with, including red wine, which is known to be a terrible stainer! The fact that quartz is non-porous means that you won’t have to worry about staining, therefore prolonging the life of your worktop.

       2. Quartz worktops are made of 93-95% natural quartz

The rest of the ingredient is resin, which gives it a different colour or pattern, depending on your preference. The high quartz content means that are you dealing with a genuine and hard-wearing product, that isn’t going to break or becoming undesirable after a short length of time.

       3. Quartz worktops don’t harbour bacteria

If you have children running around the house then quartz is a good choice for your worktop because it doesn’t harbour germs and bacteria, again because it is non-porous. This means that cleaning isn’t difficult, and it is therefore a healthier choice.

       4. There is a huge variety of different colours and patterns to choose from

You can easily adapt your worktop to your décor by choosing a particular colour or pattern, and this is also what adds to quartz’s appeal. Obviously try and steer clear of brightly coloured fad fashions, because these rarely stick around for long, but generally speaking, you do have a large range of choice open to you.

       5. Quartz is abundant, and is the second most common mineral on the planet

This is good news because it means we’re not likely to run out any time soon!

       6. Quartz worktops are low maintenance and don’t need to be sealed

Other worktop materials need to be sealed or maintained on a regular basis, and this can be a pain to deal with or remember. Quartz doesn’t need anything doing to it once it has been installed, other than regular cleaning.

       7. Worktops made of quartz are chip-resistant

Again, peace of mind that your worktop is not going to need fixing or maintaining following a slight accident. Obviously, you need to be careful with any material, but quartz is very hard-wearing and that gives you peace of mind for your cash.

       8. It is best to have a quartz worktop properly installed

Quartz is a heavy material and therefore it can be difficult to cut and install if you don’t know what you’re doing. If you can find installation for a good price, it’s advisible to go with it, because the professionals know what they are doing, and are therefore going to give you the best results, which will last you for a much longer time.

These are eight things you might not know about quartz, which may help give you information on whether to go with a quartz worktop during your next kitchen or bathroom renovation. Be sure to shop around for prices, although they don’t vary too widely across the market, to get the best deal for you.

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5 Benefits of Unistone Quartz Worktops

unistone quartz worktops

Unistone quartz worktops are a special type of worktops. Their special thing comes from the composition of the final product, consisting in 93% crushed quartz stone and 7% binding adhesive.

Color palette For Unistone Quartz Worktops

Having this strong material composition it is to be expected that the colors and designs available are very limited. Even so, top brands struggled to insert into the texture color pigments in order to obtain a natural variety of patterns, maintain though the characteristics of the quartz countertops, like the non-porous surface, liquid spills resistance and the strong atoms bound.

The color combinations that exist on the market nowadays are able to satisfy almost every desired style and here are some of the most important of them:

  • Alaska White
  • Belgian Blue
  • Bianco
  • Bianco Assoluto
  • Bianco Carrara
  • Bianco Cristal
  • Bianco Extreme
  • Bianco Galactica
  • Bottocino
  • Bruno
  • Calacatta
  • Cemento
  • Cinza
  • Empire Brown
  • Grigio
  • Jura Grey
  • Moca Crema
  • Nero Assoluto
  • Sabia Greige
  • Statuario
  • Titanium Brown

One of the top benefits of having a quartz countertop is that the surface is non-porous, causing the worktop to be stains resistant. As a matter of fact, even acid liquids like vinegar or cleaning solutions can’t penetrate into its texture.

High Quality Technology of Unistone Quartz Worktops

Being very resistant is a common thing when it comes to quartz worktops, but the well-known brand BRETON took this characteristic to extreme. Having a high natural stone composition assures the NSF certification provided by almost every manufacturer. As certified for kitchen usage, no components are released in case of damaging when in contact with food.

The latest technology used in producing high quality worktops confers an ideal solution for wall, floor, kitchen and bathroom surfaces. The thickness available to be selected varies from 1.2 cm to 2-3 cm, thus conferring a wide range of possibilities.

One over another, having a high quartz composition wasn’t enough and it has been introduced 3 new types of finishes available for the pieces of dimensions hot higher than 300 by 140 centimeters.

  • Polished: through this finish, the worktops natural veins and structure acquire an extra dimension and the colors become even stronger and obtain a nice gloss;
  • Velutto: the most maintenance-friendly of them, confers a good looking matte, velvet or glossy shine;
  • Letano: beased exclusively on softly brushing the material, this finish accentuates the natural color of the quartz stone.

Application Places

Due to its almost perfect properties, the Unistone Quartz worktops are a great choice to be used in kitchens and kitchen islands. The bathrooms are not to be taken out of consideration as these countertops are working perfectly in humid circumstances. Thus, usage in the showers or for wall cladding is to be taken care of. Even if indoor applications are countless, quartz countertops being used even as tabletops or reception desks are a viable solution also for extern use in the house, matching perfectly on an oriel or for the decoration of your living place.

Consider buying the Unistone Quartz worktops if you want to get a blend of contemporary and classic  styles, a low maintenance time for cleaning the whole house and a healthy environment for you and your family, as for the fact that the texture of the countertops don’t allow bacteria and germs to harbor and develop inside.

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5 Benefits of Grey Quartz Kitchen Worktop

grey quartz kitchen worktop

Looking for a guide to chose the right material and color for your kitchen countertop? No more extra searches and headaches! This is the perfect review for you, on one of the most recommended worktop material, quartz. The grey feature of it assorts extremely well with almost every bathroom and kitchen cabinet.

Quartz kitchen tops are widely used among house owners due to their unique properties and high resistance to extern factors.

Grey Quartz Kitchen Worktop – Easy Maintenance Composite

Due to the fact that is manufactured by humans, it has a strong composition and a polished surface, making it resistant to liquid spills and stains. Having this property, it is easily to clean and to maintain clean, as bacteria and other germs can’t penetrate into its texture and leave undesired stains.

  • Won’t harbor bacteria and germs;
  • Liquid spills proof;
  • Stands up to juice, wine, oil, coffee and tomato stains;
  • Non-porous material.

Solid Structure of Grey Quartz Countertops

Grey quartz worktops have a very solid texture thanks to the strong bound of the atoms inside it. It resists to temperatures of up to 160® C and is highly resistant to chipping and scratching, being extremely difficult to break or to crack. In the past, the biggest knock on having a quartz countertop was the lack of patterns and colors available to be acquired, compared to natural stone materials. This inconvenience was removed by adding extra colors in the process of manufacturing the worktops, thus being able to create and design almost every pattern desired.

The price of grey quartz countertops may vary from type to type, depending on the quality and complexity of the final product. Here are some milestones marked by the most important companies that transact this type of kitchen furniture:

  • White Arabesque: GBP75 – GBP80 / installed m2;
  • Creamstone    : GBP75 – GBP90 / installed m2;
  • Polar Cap    : GBP80 – GBP100 / installed m2;
  • Lusso    : GBP80 – GBP100 / installed m2;
  • Yukon Blanco    : GBP85 – GBP110 / installed m2;
  • Lagoon    : GBP100 – GBP120 / installed m2;
  • Vorium    : GBP150 – GBP200 / installed m2.

Matching Grey Quartz Worktops with Different Cabinets

One of the major producers of grey quartz tops is Silestone Gris Expo. Their main focus is set on the speckles texture and as a trademark they use mostly 3040 x 1380 mm pieces of quartz. Almost all of their products are being used for decorating the interior of the house because of the engineered quartz they use, being able to create every color and design the customer could imagine.

Entering into more technical details, the official website of the company provides the composition of their quartz material (85-95% quartz and minerals, 5-15% pigments and additives), the bending strength (29 – 70 MPav), the compression strength (112 – 248 MPa) and also the absorption ratio (0.04 – 0.20%).

For a modern and upscale look that requires low maintenance it is definitely worth considering quartz countertops. The few drawbacks that can appear on using this kind of worktops are very small compared with the advantages of having a stain free, heat resistant and strong bounded kitchen worktop. If you’re willing to create a contemporary aspect for your house, grey quartz countertops for kitchen and bathroom is for sure the solution.

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Quartz Worktops In Surrey – Price & Installation!

Quartz Worktops In Surrey

Are you in need of a new worktop – quartz worktops in Surrey? We will make your dream come true. We supply and install worktops, vanity tops, sinks, taps etc. at the best prices in Surrey.

One of the popular stone worktops we supply is quartz. Quartz is an engineered stone that is made from between 90-93% ground quartz and 7-10% polymers, resins, and colouring pigments. A roughly ground quartz produces a flecked appearance while a smoothly ground quartz produces a smooth look. The added resins and polymers can alter the colours of quartz to give it almost any colour that is desired.

Quartz Details

The stunning beauty is not the only thing that makes quartz attractive:

  • Quartz is extremely hard and durable. Once installed, it will surely outlive your home. Quartz doesn’t chip, scratch or etch as easy as most natural stones. It is very sturdy to be used in commercial establishments and homes.
  • The material is non-porous meaning that it doesn’t absorb liquids. This implies that quartz worktops are easy to clean with ordinary home detergents and soft cloth. Being non-porous also means that it is bacterial free too.
  • Little to no maintenance. Once installed, the worktop can go for decades without the need of sealing or replacement.
  • All colours available. Being an engineered stone, quartz can be engineered to resemble any natural stone and take any colour imaginable.

Quartz Worktops In Surrey – Price Details

The price of installing a quartz worktop will vary depending on various factors. The pattern, brand, size and installer are some of these factors that may cause the price to vary. In Surrey, we sell quartz at an average of £45 per square foot of installed worktop.

Some of the factors that determine the price of a quartz worktop are:

  • Design complexity – some worktop designs are complex and require more manpower and material to realize.
  • Size of the worktop – This should come without saying, the bigger the worktop the more expensive it will be.
  • The type of quartz worktop – they are so many brands of quartz worktops and each of the brands have their own unique price tag for one reason or another.

We have created a smart online price calculator to help in your budgeting and planning process. To use our online calculator, you will need to have the design and measurements in place. The online price calculator will also help to give you design ideas in case you don’t have a design already.

For the perfect job and the fairest prices in Surrey, you will need to have a dealer who understands the market and who values customers.

We recommend that you use our countertop construction specialist, who can help you much more safely and economically. We have the best deals for quartz worktops in Surrey.

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Quartz Worktops In Slough – Price & Installation!

Quartz Worktops Slough

Are you looking for quartz worktops in Slough? If you are looking for a worktop upgrade, you will want to consider using quartz. We stock and install a range of quartz slabs that can be used for kitchen worktops, bathroom vanity tops etc. We install kitchen, bathroom worktops and associated fixtures in Berkshire and Slough to be specific.

If you are looking to have a new worktop material, you will want to consider quartz. Quartz is often considered as the superior alternative to granite and marble. It is a popular modern choice for kitchen worktop, bathroom vanity tops, bar tops etc.

Quartz is a manufacture stone that is made by mixing grounded quartz with resins and dyes. After the mixing process, quartz is cut into slabs and polished ready for transportation to dealerships and homes.

Quartz are loved because of their superior physical properties when compare to other worktop materials.

Advantages of Quartz Over Other Materials

  • Quartz worktops are strong. Quartz is a strong material with incredible tensile strength. This means that is flexible and given the correct tool, they are very easy to work with. Even in scenarios where you have a complicated worktop design, quartz will be a good choice since it is highly flexible.
  • Quartz is non-porous. It doesn’t need any sealing ever. Quartz is typically a maintenance free choice for any worktop. Being none porous comes with the perks of being highly hygienic and bacterial free. The only maintenance needed with quartz worktops is regular cleaning with warm water and soap.
  • Quartz worktops are durable. It is safe to call them indestructible! Quartz is stain and scratch resistant. It doesn’t discolour when you spill juices and other liquids. On the other hand, it doesn’t chip or etch easily. All the same, you may notice some slight discolouration on the stone when it is exposed to direct sunlight for quite some time.
  • Quart worktops are available in many different shades and colours. Being an engineered stone, quartz is highly customizable. Think of any colour, there is a quartz slab of that colour. This makes home decoration incredibly flexible.

Quartz Worktops in Slough – Price Details

The price of installation of quartz worktop depends mainly on the following factors:

  • Size of the worktop – the bigger the worktop the more man power and material it needs and thus the more money it will need;
  • Design of the worktop – some worktop designs are difficult to replicate and thus will cost more;
  • The type of quartz you intended to use – they are many brands of quartz worktop available. We stock only the highest quality quartz worktops and thus you shouldn’t worry about quality when you work with us.

All the same, we have found that it will cost you an average of £45 per square foot to have your quartz worktop installed. To make it easy for you to plan and budget for your quartz worktop, we have installed a simple to use online price calculator. To use the calculator, you will need to have the exact measurements and design of your worktop.

SurfaceCO has a reputation in supplying high quality worktop materials. Our professional installers are highly skilled craftsmen who are always ready to help you transform your worktop to one luxurious space.

If you need professionalism in your worktop project around Slough, we are the best for this job.

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Quartz Worktops in Reading – Price & Installation!

Quartz worktops reading

Surfaceco is a main supplier of quartz worktops in Reading. Are you looking to improve your home or commercial establishment in Reading or its environs?

We will handle all your fabrications needs including installation and associated fixtures such as taps, sinks and quartz worktops.

Quartz is an engineered stone that is made by mixing 90% quartz with 10% resins and dyes. The resins and dyes are responsible for the quartz unique colour and patterns.

Why You Should Buy a Quartz Worktop?

There are many advantages of installing a quartz worktop. The following are the main advantages of having a quartz worktop:

  • Quartz is non-porous. This means that it doesn’t allow liquid to sip into it. You don’t need to seal the quartz since it is naturally non-porous. Non porous stone worktops are hygienic since they don’t harbour bacteria. They can be used in areas where we need to achieve a highly sterile environment.
  • Quartz handles heat impressively. Quartz is known to withstand very high temperatures. You can confidently place a hot blower on your quartz worktop without the worry of damaging it. All the same, it is not fireproof. It will breakdown under intense heat.
  • Quartz is maintenance free. Once installed, assuming it was installed by one of our professional installers, there is no further maintenance required. You will only need to clean the quartz worktop when necessary. Cleaning is quite easy. Normal home detergent and warm water will work just fine.
  • Quartz comes in amazing colours. If you are the kind of person who loves mixing colours, then you are better off working with quartz. We stock almost any imaginable colour. Being an engineered stone, you can have numerous colours of stone slabs directly from the factory. For custom colours, get in touch with us for advice and availability details.
  • Quartz is long lasting. Quartz is naturally tough. It doesn’t easily stain, scratch or chip. Once installed in place, quartz can stay looking new for decades with minimal maintenance. It will not be a surprise if your quartz worktop outlives your house/home. Our quartz tops come with a long warranty and guarantee.

Quartz Worktops in Reading – Price

There is no fixed price for buying and/or installing quartz worktop. This is so because there are many different types of quartz available. All the same, we have found the average price to be £45 per square foot of quarts installed.

To make it easier for you in budgeting, we have come up with an intelligent online calculator. You will need to have a template of your intended worktop complete with the necessary measurements. You will find that the design plays a critical role in determining the final price of the countertop.

At SurfaceCo we install all types of worktops using various surfaces such as granite worktops, marble worktops and quartz worktops.

We will take care of all installation procedures starting from templating, colour selection, installation and even the final clean-up process.

For the best quartz worktop in Reading and entire Berkshire region contact us.

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Quartz Worktops In London – Price & Installation!

Quartz worktops london

For quartz worktops in London, visit our shop. There is no doubt that Quartz Worktops are the preferred material of choice for most worktops. This perhaps due to the fact that technology has greatly improved the engineering process of Quartz slabs. Like hinted, quartz is an engineered stone that contains 90 – 95% quartz which is combined with 10 – 5% pigment and bonding agents respectively.

The combination of the materials not only makes the worktop robust, but it also gives the worktop a unique colour and pattern combination that is not achievable with pure natural stone.

If you are looking to replace your worktop or install a new one, you will want to highly consider using quartz over any other material. Here are a few reason why you would want to consider installing quartz worktops.

  • Steel hard – Quartz countertops are hard and known to resist bacterial growth. Quartz scores a seven on the Moh’s hardness scale while diamond is rated 10 in the same scale. The hardness makes it scratch resistant and resistant to burns. It is ideal for a busy worktop both at home or in industrial application.
  • Versatility – like you would expect on any engineered stone, quartz is produced in many different patterns and colours with different designs. Quartz is manufactured without seems making it suitable for any shape and design. You will never lack a suitable design for your kitchen.
  • Nonporous – Quartz doesn’t allow bacterial to settle on the surface. This makes it ideal for homes with little kids or in sanitary areas. Being non-porous means that quartz doesn’t stain nor absorb liquids. This means that it can handle liquid spills effectively.
  • Affordable – when compared to other materials with similar qualities, quartz is generally affordable to install and maintain. Once installed, the only maintenance work that needs to be done is regular cleaning with normal home detergents and water.

Quartz Worktops In London – Price and Installation

Like earlier mentioned, Quartz has become increasingly cheap given the improvement in mining and engineering processes. All the same, the price of installing your quartz worktops will depend on the following factors;

  • The grade of the quartz – since it is an engineered stone, it comes in different variety and qualities. Vendors may use different trade names but the main grades of quartz countertops are standard, closeout/clearance, premium and designer.
  • The job complexity – different homes have different layouts. The difference in layout will affect the installation process. A worktop that requires a single slab of quartz without seams and corners will be quite easy to install when compared to a wraparound countertop with multiple seems.
  • The dealer – different dealers have different prices for their products. On the other hand, the installation of the countertop depending on the professionalism and in-house factors will affect the total price. Cost of installation is roughly 20-30% of the total cost.

In London, the price of quartz runs from approximately £ 45- £ 70 per square foot when installed. Assuming an average worktop of 40 square feet, the price will be £ 1800 – £ 2800. For the best price quotes and professional installation, you will want to contact SURFACECO today.

We are the best Quartz worktops dealer and installer in London.

SURFACECO Unit 7A, Nimrod Industrial Estate Nimrod Way Berkshire RG2 0EB
Telephone: 0800 050 2579 (Freephone) 0333 322 0204 (Mobile)
E-mail: Info@surfaceco.uk
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Quartz Worktops In Essex – Price & Installation!

Quartz worktops Essex

We specialise in Granite Kitchen Worktops, Quartz Worktops In Essex, Marble Kitchen Worktops. Quartz is inarguably the most common counter-top option for home and office worktops. This popularity has been there for quite some time and has even managed to shake off the beauty of granite countertops. We will not be surprised if this popularity grows as new quartz options are availed given the modern technology.

Since quartz is engineered, there are so many available options in terms of pattern and colour.  The range of available colours is so big that it even mimics natural stone.

Quartz is a non-porous material and this makes it a very versatile countertop. It doesn’t absorb liquids nor harbour bacterial making it ideal for bathroom and kitchen use. As kitchen countertop, quartz handles heat and hits quite well.

Although not advisable, the quartz worktop can take a hot pan without damage and can survive when tools are dropped on it. The icing on the cake is perhaps the ease of cleaning and maintenance. Warm water and everyday home detergents will be enough to clean the quartz countertop since quartz doesn’t stain easily.

Quartz Worktops In Essex – Price & Installation

Quartz Countertops are stunning! There is no doubt about it. But can you afford it? When it comes to installing quartz, you will need to get a price estimation.

Getting a quote is extremely confusing and frustrating. You will find that some distributors will give you a price quotation that includes the cost of installation while others will give you a price that only includes the price for the quartz slab only. For this reason, it is good to compare prices from different shops before you decide to go ahead with the purchase.

The cost of installation includes the price for levelling, seam joining, fixture cut-outs, edge fabrication and sink cut outs. If you are going to get a quote from your dealer, ensure that they consider the cost of everything. On average, assuming a countertop of 54 square feet, the quartz worktops in Essex price & installation is:

  1. Basic quality: £2,900 – £3,250 and installation price £61.50;
  2. Better quality: £3,200 – £3,600 and installation price £67.43;
  3. Best quality: £3,550 – £3,900 and installation price £72.50;
  4. Cost of installation is per square foot;

Although it is not advisable, if you want to do the installation by yourself, you will want to get the exact measurements for the countertop; the length and the width.

You should make estimates for corners and cabinets. Cutting quartz requires special kind of tools that are not readily available. You want to have the slab cut at the fabricators place before purchasing. Installing a quartz countertops also needs a lot of hands. The slab is heavy to move around and given its hardness, it can ruin your home or worse, injure you if not handled correctly.

All the same, when you get the measurements right and you get the slab from the dealer when it is already cut, then it will be easier to install that granite or marble since it doesn’t need to be sealed.

You can never go wrong with a quartz countertop. In fact, it is the most preferred countertop in Essex. Majority of homeowners prefer quartz than any other countertop material.

For the best quote, for both material and installation, you should feel free to call us today.

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Quartz Worktops In Croydon – Price & Installation!

Quartz Worktops Croydon

Are you looking for quartz worktops in Croydon? Quartz worktops are an affordable and equally versatile alternative to natural stone worktops. This engineered material contains 93% natural minerals. The remaining 7% is a mixture of resins binders and colouring agents to give them the unique colours and consistency.

All the same, quartz still retains majority of the desired natural qualities and properties. In fact, it is similar to granite but not entirely identical. Quartz is mined as big blocks, then it is crashed and mixed with resins and colouring agents and then cut into slabs. Before being delivered to the end user or retailer, the quartz is polished ready for installation.

One clear advantage of quartz worktops is the uniform structure and expansive selection of colours and patterns that facilitate the designing of a personalised kitchen and home. Quartz can be made to mimic natural stones such as marble (we have pure white quartz but you can’t find pure white in granite) but with better physical attributes.

In additional to its looks, quartz exhibits desirable physical attributes. Since it is an engineered rock, quartz is a durable and hardwearing material. Quartz can take several hits without cracking. It is non porous and thus resistant to liquid spills and highly hygienic.

Unlike most natural stones, quartz last longer with minimal maintenance. When installed properly, quartz will only need regular cleaning to maintain its beauty and good qualities for decades. Fair use of the worktop will guarantee lifetime service.

Quartz is not entirely heat resistant and may suffer from thermal shock. Very hot objects can leave a trace on the surface since the resins in the material composition may melt under extreme heat.

Quartz Worktops In Croydon – Price & Installation

The biggest overhead cost factor that affects the final price of a new quartz worktop is the installation charges. Different dealers will charge different labour fees, and these fees may include the cost of removing the previous countertop (if any) in case of a refurbishment.

The installer provides thee quote based on the quantity of quartz material needed; the layout of the countertop; the stone finish; the fixtures and the amount of labour equivalent to the job done.

Additionally, some colours are more difficult to produce than others and thus the price of the quartz countertop will vary depending on the colour.

Most quartz manufacturers specialize in a set number of colours and shades for their countertops. If you want to get a different colour, you are forced to make a special request which can push the cost of the quartz significantly.

Quartz is normally sold in slabs (it ensures that the colour and grain of all your worktop surfaces match. However, you cost is calculated by the square foot area of your counter-top. This is the reason why it is often cheaper to have the seller install it for you.

Assuming that your worktop measured 50 square feet and the particular slab that could fit your worktop measured 54 square feet. If you decide to take the project as DIY, you will have to purchase the whole 54 square inch slab. However, if you have your dealer install it, you will be charged only for the 50 square inch used.

The price of quartz runs from approximately £45 – £70 per square foot when installed. Assuming an average worktop of 50 square feet, the price will be £2250 – £3500.

If you are looking for a stylish array of elegant quartz designs that will exceed your expectations, you will want to check out our Classic Quartz Stone catalogue.

We offer a wide range of worktop options ranging from kitchen and vanity units to bathrooms and bar counters at an affordable price and professional installation.

SURFACECO Unit 7A, Nimrod Industrial Estate Nimrod Way Berkshire RG2 0EB
Telephone: 0800 050 2579 (Freephone) 0333 322 0204 (Mobile)
E-mail: Info@surfaceco.uk
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The Difference Between Marble and Quartz Countertops

The Difference Between Marble and Quartz Worktops

Marble and Quartz are all appealing and functional materials for any kitchen and bathroom countertops. They are loved by most home owners since they are durable and add beauty and value to homes. Marble countertops are made entirely from natural stone whereas quartz countertops have partial additives. Both materials have their own unique flecks, grains, veins and colour variations. As much as they share a lot in common, they are unique in their own ways.

Colorful Quartz

Quartz has most of the qualities that are in granite but it is only 90% natural. the 10% is made of resin and dyes to give them the unique colours and pigmentation. Without the natural colours, quartz is somehow dull and unappealing. All the same, the composition of quartz is uniform and hence doesn’t have many natural flecks, grains and veins when compared to marble.

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